Rajnikanth Jokes

Rajnikanth vs. Fast Bowlers

How Rajnikanth Will Play Cricket!

Why did the British leave INDIA iN 1947?
Because they came to kNow a baby Named RajiNikaNth will be borN iN 1949!!

The newly got symbol for the rupee is actually
Rajnikanth''s signature.

Rajnikanth once wrote his autobiography...
Today that book is known as Guiness Book of World records..


This was question someone asked RAJNIKANTH and he said,
"I don't know!"
Thats why it's declared as
"Not Defined"..!

Rajnikanth doesn't shave...
He just looks in the mirror and dares hairs to grow...!!

Part of apple's logo dat is missing was eaten by Rajnikanth...

Once while playing Rajnikanth said "STATUE" to a person.........
Now that person is known as "STATUE OF LIBERTY"....

** Breaking news **
got shot yesterday...
today is the bullet''s funeral...!!

What is that rajnikanth can do..that we cant even think of doin it..?!
He can answer a missed call.!**